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ContactList for SharePoint (Windows Phone 8)

ContactList for SharePoint for Windows Phone 8 allows you to access a shared contacts list hosted in SharePoint 2013 online (part of Office 365) or SharePoint 2013/2010 on premise*, from your Windows Mobile device.

ContactList for SharePoint for Windows Phone 8 gives you access to your contacts list both online or offline making it easy and quick to use wherever you are.

From within ContactList for SharePoint you can easily find the contact details you want and:

  • Send e-mails to individuals or multiple recipients
  • Make telephone calls
  • Send SMS messages

ContactList for SharePoint imposes no limits on the number of contacts that it can hold**. ContactList for SharePoint has been designed to enable organisations to centrally manage their contacts from within SharePoint, so currently data cannot be added or modified from within the app.

ContactList for SharePoint App Screenshots

*On Premise connection requires externally accessible SharePoint site extension and forms based authentication
**Other than any limits imposed by the SharePoint contacts list itself


The App has been designed to work with SharePoint Online for Office 365 (although it can also work with on-premise SharePoint instances in certain circumstances - see later). You will need an Office 365 account with access to SharePoint Online.

Within SharePoint Online you will also need a standard Contacts list. You can create this using "Add an App" and choosing the "Contacts" App from within SharePoint. Please note that at this time the ContactList for SharePoint App only supports the standard fields added by default to a Contacts list; any custom fields added to this list will not be returned. Furthermore, any modifications or deletions of the standard fields may mean the ContactList for SharePoint App fails to run.

Please note that the ContactList for SharePoint App for Windows Phone 8 uses exactly the same permissions as if you were accessing Office 365 and SharePoint Online as normal. The Office 365 account details you use MUST have at minimum permissions to read the SharePoint site and Contacts List. Without these permissions you will not be able to connect to the Contacts List using this App.


For the ContactList for SharePoint App to run you will need 2 pieces of information:

  • The URL of the SharePoint site where your Contacts List is held
  • The name of you Contacts List

When you first run the ContactList for SharePoint App, you will be prompted to enter this information. The App cannot run without this information.

Enter the full SharePoint site URL in the first textbox and the name of the Contacts List in the second textbox. Note: If you do not include https:// or http:// at the start of the Site URL, the App will automatically add https:// when saving the information.

If your Contacts List is not in the main SharePoint Site, the site URL should include any sub-sites as part of the site URL.

Example 1

  • Your SharePoint site address is
  • You have a Contacts List called MainContacts in this site

Then enter the settings as:

  • SharePoint URL:
  • Contact List: MainContacts

Example 2

  • Your SharePoint site address is
  • You have a Contacts List called OtherContacts in a subsite called Information

Then enter the settings as:

  • SharePoint URL:
  • Contact List: OtherContacts

Example 3

  • Your SharePoint site address is
  • You have a Contacts List called SharedContacts in a subsite called SharedInfo that is a subsite of another subsite called MainData

Then enter the settings as:

  • SharePoint URL:
  • Contact List: SharedContacts

Once you have entered these initial settings, tap the Refresh button in the Application Bar to save the settings and connect to the SharePoint List.

If the SharePoint URL cannot be found then you will be prompted with the message:

Unable to connect to the site "https://xxxxxx". Please check that the network is available and the URL is correct.

If this happens, please go back and ensure you have the correct address for your SharePoint site.

If the Contact List cannot be found then you will be promted with the message:

List 'ABCXYZ' does not exist at site with URL 'https://xxxxxx'

If this happens, please go back and ensure you have the correct name for your Contacts List and that such a list already exists in your SharePoint Site.

SharePoint Contacts Settings


The first time you attempt to connect you will be prompted to enter your Sharepoint Login details. If you are using Office 365/SharePoint Online, you will see the Office 365 login screen (as shown in the image to the right).

Enter you username and password to login, exactly the same as you would when loggining in to Office 365 (This account must have at least Read access permissions to the Contacts List you wish to connect to). For example:

  • Username:
  • Password: MyPassword123

If you check the Keep Me Signed In tickbox then your login will be stored so you don't need to enter your details each time you refresh the data from SharePoint. This works exactly the same as the Keep Me Signed In functionality for Office 365. Note: the SharePoint Authentication process can run a bit slowly so may take a short time to process.

SharePoint Contacts Settings

Loading Data

If the SharePoint URL, Contact List and login details are all correct then the App will show a Loading Progress bar whilst it retrieves the data. The time it takes will depend on the speed of your connection and the number of Contacts in the Contacts List.

It is recommended that for large numbers of Contacts (greater than 1000) you use a wi-fi or 4G connection to keep the load time to a minimum.

Once the data has been loaded it is saved to the Windows 8 Phone. Each subsequent time you run the ContactList for SharePoint it will load this saved copy of the data. You can refresh the saved data at any time from the main SharePoint Contacts List by returning to the settings screen and tapping the refresh button.

The Contacts List

Once the data has been loaded you will be presented with 3 different views of all the conatcts in the List. The Contacts are sorted by First Name, Last Name and Company Name. Each of these is accessible by swiping left or right or tapping on one of the headings at the top of the screen (first, last or company). Each of these views works just like the People App that comes as standard with Windows Phone.

The Contacts are grouped by letter of the alphabet. Clicking on the group heading (the highlighted letter of the alphabet) brings up a list of all letters that allows you to jump to different points in the list simply by clicking on the appropriate letter.

You can then scroll vertically through the list to find the contact you want.

At the top of the contacts list is some information about the data in the list. This information will looks something like:

Data (1550) : 13 Apr 2014 10:19:32
  • The number in brackets is the number of contacts within the list.
  • The date shown is the date the data was loaded from the live SharePoint Contacts List.
  • If the date is shown in green then that means the data has been loaded at some point since you first ran the App
  • If the data is shown in red then that means the data has not been loaded since you started running the App

To select a Contact and view their details, simply tap on their name. This will take you to the Contact Details screen (see below)

ContactList for SharePoint List by Company

Selecting Mutliple Contacts

It is possible to select more than one COntact at a time. At this time, the only reason to do this is to send an email to multiple contacts at once.

To do this you need to put the List into "multi-selection" mode. This can be done in one of 2 ways:

  • Expand the Application Bar and tap the Select button
  • Tap to the left of any Contact Name

When the List is in Multi-Select mode, each Contact Name will show a tickbox to the left of it. You can then select one or more Contacts by taping the tickbox so it displays a Tick icon in the box.

To leave Multi-Select mode you can either:

  • Untick all selected contacts
  • Tap the Windows Phone back button (this will also automatically untick all selected contacts)

When you have selected one or more contacts in Multi-Select Mode, you can click the Email button in the Applciation Bar. This will create an empty email with the TO address set to each of the chosen contacts. You can complete and send the email as normal.

Note that when you are in Multi-Select Mode, you cannot switch to a different sorted view of the list. e.g. If you are in Multi-Select mode when viewing the list sorted by First Name, you cannot switch to viewing the list sorted by Last Name. Only once you have left Multi-Select Mode can you change how the list is sorted.

SharePoint Contacts List Multi Selection

Contact Details

Once you have selected a Contact, their details will be displayed on this screen. Their name is shown at the very top of the screen.

If they have any phone numbers, email addresses or a website defined then this page will show buttons for each action you can take. Simply click on the appropriate button to call the number shown, send an SMS message, send an email or open their website. These buttons will simply run the standard Windows Phone functionality for making calls, sending SMS messages sending emails, browsing websites etc.

Finally below the action buttons are various other items of information that may be useful such as Company, Address and Notes.

SharePoint Contacts List Multi Selection

On Premise

Whilst this app has been designed to work with SharePoint Online within Office 365, it can also work with some On-Premise installations of SharePoint.

If your On-Premise SharePoint site has been extended to an external, web facing zone (i.e. your On-Premise SharePoint site is visible outside your organisation via the internet) and you use forms based authentication to login to your SharePoint site, then this App will also work with your SharePoint site.

Simply enter the external address for your SharePoint site in the settings e.g. and use your forms based login details when the App asks you to login.

Windows Phone People App

The downside to having to use a SharePoint list to store the contacts is that this list isn't available via the standard People App on the phone - the contact details can only be accessed via this ContactList for SharePoint App and the SharePoint list. There is no way to combine the contents of the SharePoint list with the existing Contacts in the phone's People App.