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5 keys to implementing SharePoint in your business.

With the growth in Office 365, more SMEs than ever are turning to Microsoft SharePoint as their central point for sharing company information in the Cloud.  The transition to SharePoint can be difficult,  getting the most out of it certainly requires effort and the right approach.  In this article we look at 5 keys to succesfully implementing and adopting SharePoint.
Posted: Friday 12 June 2015 12:41:09 by Global Administrator with 0 comments

11 things that make the Nokia Lumia 920 better than an iPhone

We compare the Nokia 920 Lumia phone to the iPhone and highlight 11 reasons why small businesses and business users should seriously consider making the change.
Posted: Monday 3 June 2013 15:50:39 by Global Administrator with 0 comments

Increase Productivity with FREE document management

How much time as a company do you think you spend browsing your network file system searching for documents that contain valuable information? How often do you start looking for a document that contains information that will help you to complete a task or complete it better only to give up in frustration? Unless your companies file structure is remarkably well organised and your staff remarkably well trained and well versed in where everything should be kept the answer to these questions will be "a great deal of costly time" Now just think how much would it boost your companys...
Posted: Tuesday 20 May 2008 12:33:19 by Global Administrator with 0 comments
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