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IT best practice for mitigating the growing risk of Ransomware

The Cryptolocker ransomware program banked millions for the cyber crooks behind it by targeting businesses with very effective Ransonmware. This success will undoubtedly lead to further growingly sophisticated programs designed to hold businesses to Ransom.   In this blog we look at the best ways businesses can mitigate the risks from these threats.
Posted: Monday 13 January 2014 10:44:47 by Global Administrator with 0 comments

Malware programs reach an all-time high

According to the BBC security firms are reporting an unprecedented high for malicious programs found in 2007. Estimates suggest that there has been a staggering FIVE fold increase in malicious programs in circulation in 2007 compared with 2006 (5.5 million reported up from 972,000). As usual, our advice would be to remain vigilant and now the need to do so is even more important. Please see our guide on the tell tale signs of a virus email. We would also recommend taking the following precautions...
Posted: Wednesday 5 March 2008 12:37:47 by Global Administrator with 0 comments
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