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Use Flash or not to use Flash? That is the question!

We have been pitching for a website tender recently and we have come up against the age old argument of where to use Flash. The client want to use flash for the whole site (everything built using Flash including the navigation and content) which we disagree with. As it is fresh in my mind, here are the arguments for and against the use of Flash for web design: The arguments for using Flash According to Adobe the Flash plugin can be found on around 97% of computers worldwide meaning that you can expect it to work on most computers Although...
Posted: Friday 22 February 2008 12:39:05 by Global Administrator with 0 comments
Categories: Web Design

How long does it take to rank well in Google?

This is a question we find we have to answer a lot but the answer is not always that straight forward. The general rule of thumb is that it can take up to six months for brand new websites or sites that have little or no online optimisation. Consider the following points to help you understand how long it is likely to take to rank well within Google (As always I'm using Google as an example but in general these rules apply to all search engines). How competitive are the results? If the search term you are competing for is...
Posted: Thursday 14 February 2008 12:40:57 by Global Administrator with 0 comments
Categories: Web Design

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