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Increase your productivity with two screens

If I said you may be able to improve your productivity whilst working at your computer by up to 20-30% simply by purchasing a new piece of hardware for only a hundred pounds, you'd probably either think I was talking rubbish, or you'd expect me to start ranting about an innovating new product. Well its true and its actually very simple. Surveys have consistently shown that adding an extra monitor will give your productivity a considerable boost, 20-30% according to a survey by Jon Peddie Research...
Posted: Thursday 31 January 2008 12:41:48 by Global Administrator with 0 comments
Categories: IT Support

A guide to submitting your site to directories

Recently we've been working on the linking strategy on a few of our customers websites and we eventually came to the question of directory submission. Directories are becoming less and less important in your search engine optimisation strategy as the search engines give less importance to the links they give. In most cases it probably isn't even worth the time it takes to submit to a directory and your time would be better spent elsewhere. However in some cases a link from a directory can be very valuable and if you are going to try and get one, it should...
Posted: Wednesday 23 January 2008 12:42:41 by Global Administrator with 0 comments
Categories: Web Design

Apple release "world's thinnest laptop"

Last week Apple announced the release of what they are calling the World's thinnest laptop. Measuring just 4mm at it's thinnest point, the laptop is not only ultra portable but also boasts excellent battery life without compromising power. Details of the laptop can be found at This computer is the start of a revolution for the laptop market because it sees the first solid state hard drive to come into public awareness (Although technically Samsung and Lenovo have been shipping them out in their computers for a while)....
Posted: Tuesday 22 January 2008 12:43:28 by Global Administrator with 0 comments
Categories: IT Support

Google Adwords Online Seminars

If you run Google Adwords for your website then you will be interested to see that Google are running a series of training "webinars". The webinars are designed to teach you how to manage your AdWords account more effectively by covering topics from best practices on account setup, bidding and campaign management strategies to understanding and using performance reports effectively. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and some headphones. You will need to register with your AdWords account but otherwise they are completely free...
Posted: Thursday 17 January 2008 12:44:18 by Global Administrator with 0 comments
Categories: Web Design

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