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Cloud Computing part 3 - What are the downsides to Cloud Computing?

Despite the advantages to cloud computing, there are still quite a few shortcomings that you must consider before making the switch.

Security - This is the number one concern for most businesses. If your information is available through a web page to you, then it's also available to anyone else. There will be measures of course in place to prevent anyone getting in but nothing is 100% secure. The more information that you make available through the cloud, the more vulnerable you become to hackers.
This recent news story highlights the threat. Twitter was hacked into and many sensitive documents were taken such as salary details of employees. All this came about because the information was stored in the cloud and weak passwords were used on accounts allowing hackers to get in easily.

Internet connection - As all your information is stored on the web. If your internet connection is down, you lose all services completely. You are also relying on the speed of your connection to the internet to be sufficient to cope with the data. If your business were to move all users to the cloud then you can expect much greater demand on bandwidth. Any slow down can seriously frustrate users and affect productivity.

Flexibility - Companies offering these sort of services will try to fit you into a one-size-fits-all package, which is great if it works for you. However, every companies requirements are different and you can find that what is on offer doesn't work for you at all.

In fact, the personal computer itself arose because the old model of business computing, in which companies had big mainframes (aka clouds) and everyone connected to them via "dumb" terminals, was enormously frustrating for the people sitting at those dumb terminals.

Cloud computing is certainly coming to businesses like yours but there are still a few flaws that need to be addressed first before it is truly adopted by the masses.

Posted: Tuesday 28 July 2009 09:51:29 by Global Administrator

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