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Does your office need a TV licence?

A customer came to us recently and mentioned that they have been contacted by the TV licensing department notifying them that because they have broadband, they have the ability to access the BBC iPlayer and therefore need to purchase a TV licence.

This could mean the EVERY office in the UK requires a TV licence for their premises.

After further investigation this is true but only if you are watching live transmissions from BBC, not archived programmes. If you are caught watching live transmissions online then your business could be liable for a £1000 fine (although it would be very difficult to prove). TV Licensing spokesperson Joanna Pearce said: “Watching TV on a computer at work is no different from watching on a TV set at home – if you’re watching programmes as they’re broadcast, you need to be covered by a valid licence."

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If you have a firewall or a certain type of router it is possible to block access to the BBC iPlayer and therefore protect you against this potential fine.

If you would like Connexion to help, please contact us.

Posted: Tuesday 7 July 2009 11:49:56 by Global Administrator

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