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How much does an IT support call cost you?

Having recently attended an interesting conference on IT support managed services, we were confronted with the statement that "An IT support call costs your customers more than it costs you". What this means is that every IT support issue that you have to report to your IT company or manager is costing you money in the way of time, lost productivity and potentially the cost of new hardware / software and IT support services.

On the way back from the conference, we estimated that for every support call that is placed with us, it must take around 10 minutes to try and fix the problem yourself, 5 minutes to make the phonecall and describe the problem and very approximately 10 minutes to work with the support technician who is fixing the call (depending on the size of the problem some are more and some are less than this).

That is 25 minutes per IT issue! Add to that the loss in productivity as a result of the problem and the time begins to add up.

If your company reports 20 IT support issues per month, that adds up to a staggering 8 hours, 20 minutes of lost time or one whole working day per month!

This really does highlight the need for prevention rather than cure and is a great case for considering a proactive service from your IT support company rather than reactive. 

If you can cut your calls to IT support by 20 per month and save a day's worth of productivity, how much is that worth to your business?

Posted: Thursday 2 July 2009 11:16:01 by Global Administrator

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