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Connexion Authorised Doubletake partner

Disaster Recovery is now central to any small to medium sized businesses IT strategy.  Most small to medium sized companies are hugely dependant on their information systems and most are acutely aware of their IT Risks realising that downtime is at best costly and at worst financially disastrous. 

In order to meet the growing demand from our customers for high availability and disaster recovery solutions we have become an accredited Doubletake partner. 

The Doubletake partnership enables us to provide clients with offsite DR and High Availability solutions either by replicating to the customers own equipment offsite or replicating to our cloud based infrastructure on a SaaS basis. 

We believe the thing that makes Doubletake special is that it provides by far the most cost-effective offsite DR solution in the marketplace coming in at around half the cost of a SAN storage network.  As it can purchased on SaaS basis it can also be implemented with next to no capital expenditure.


Posted: Thursday 29 July 2010 18:05:30 by Global Administrator

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