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BBC news launches new look site

BBC News this morning has revealed a new look to the site. Many people cite the BBC News site as one that they really like to use so the BBC were taking a big risk by redesigning. However, on closer inspection they haven't changed much which is good to see. The website editor explains more about the refresh in his blog.

There are a few things that we can all take from this redesign:

  • The new site is 1024 pixels wide and they estimate that around 95% of visitors have a resolution of this size. Gone are the days of designing a site at 800 x 600 pixels. Now that the BBC has moved to this size, it's pretty safe to assume that the rest of us can (assuming you don't have a special audience).
  • They have opened up the content giving it more "room to breathe". An important lesson to be learnt that negative space isn't always bad space. Opening up your content makes it easier to read and give a more modern look.
  • Finally they have centred the pages which gives the appearance of filling the screen, which you should consider if your website is squashed to the left of the screen.
Posted: Monday 31 March 2008 12:35:51 by Global Administrator

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