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Outlook comes to Apple's iPhone

Apple announced yesterday that the highly acclaimed iPhone will shortly include Activesync software enabling it to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange. Most people will be aware of the iPhone, but for the benefit of anyone that has somehow managed to miss it, the iPhone is arguably the best 'fun' phone on the market combining the features of an IPOD and mobile Phone into a incredibly slick little device with a touch screen interface that blows away any of the competition.

One of the iPhones most remarkable features is its Web Browser which makes the experience of browsing the Web more akin to a using a regular browser than using your typical smart phone's web browser, which I know from experience can be painful.

Approximately 77% of all the web pages viewed on mobile devices are viewed on Smart phones i.e. business users on Blackberries, Windows Mobile devices and other phones with support for corporate e-mail systems. Based on this fact, it is easy to understand the significance of Apples Announcement. In effect, it brings the best mobile web browser and the hottest gadget of recent times to the business user community.

The only downside of the iPhone we are aware of is the fact that it doesnt have 3G. Apple made a decision not to give the device 3G due to the well known issues with the 3G chipset's hunger for battery power. As a user that has experienced the dreadful battery life of a Smartphone with a 3G chipset, I think this was a smart move by Apple. It does mean however that if you are not in range of a WI-FI hotspot, you will have to rely on the slower GPRS or EDGE Internet connections.

If you havent checked out the iPhone yet then maybe you should go to your local O2 shop and have a play! Also keep your eyes open for the flood of applications which are on their way, all of which will be distributed through Apples Itunes software

Posted: Friday 7 March 2008 12:37:09 by Global Administrator

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