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Increase Productivity with FREE document management

How much time as a company do you think you spend browsing your network file system searching for documents that contain valuable information? How often do you start looking for a document that contains information that will help you to complete a task or complete it better only to give up in frustration?

Unless your companies file structure is remarkably well organised and your staff remarkably well trained and well versed in where everything should be kept the answer to these questions will be "a great deal of costly time"

Now just think how much would it boost your companys productivity if your sales people were able to browse presentations or proposals that had been produced by your sales team all together in one place and organised in a meaningful way, such as by customer and product or service type rather than having to trawl through folders and files trying to work out where they are or what the filenames mean,

Well thats just what you can do with Microsoft SharePoint Services. SharePoint Services is Microsofts readymade intranet that comes with Windows 2003 server. Microsoft has recently started to bundle in the network search tool as well, in effect giving you the power to Google your own documents.

SharePoint services includes a powerful functional document management system that will integrate seamlessly with your Windows servers and if implemented properly will provide most companies with a huge boost in productivity speeding up access to important information and helping to tap into the vast amount of knowledge the lurks in the depths of their windows tree structure.

One of the most remarkable things about SharePoint Services document Management is just how easy it is to use and customise by users themselves, this really is a system that empowers your "Knowledge workers to help themselves"

If your company has Knowledge Workers and a growing and increasingly confusing file system on your network, you really need check it out SharePoint Services, because it will save your company money and massively empower your staff.

Posted: Tuesday 20 May 2008 12:33:19 by Global Administrator

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