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Website Usability Grows In Importance

According to new research published by the respected Web Usability expert Jacob Nielsen, we are all becoming more ruthless and selfish in the way we browse the web

The report reveals that website users are goal driven and are extremely intollerent of rambling copy and websites that dont let them quickly find what they looking for.

The report also highlilghts the growing imrportance of the search engines and the need for your site to work effectivly through Google.

This research just proves that there is so much more to a successful website than simply having an attractive design. As we all use the Web more and more in our lives we are developing discerning eyes for sites and we expect them to follow certain conventions with regards to navigation and layout. We scan copy rather than read it word by word, so the importance of writing web friendly copy has also never been more important.

Posted: Tuesday 27 May 2008 12:32:14 by Global Administrator

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