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Tree planted in our honour

One of our developers recently reported a bug he'd found in Kentico (software we use to develop websites) Ordinarily a rather dull and unremarkable event. He was surprised however (and rather delighted) to receive an e-mail from them a few days later telling him that due to his discovery they'd planted a tree in his honour. It even has a label with his name on it!

Its called "Trees for bugs'
  • Each tree is listed in their Tree Gallery and marked on Google maps so it can be visited. 
  • So far they've planted a total of 440 trees
  • They have a league table for bugs by team.
  • Twice a year their developers have to go and plant a tree for each of the bugs they're responsible for.
What a great idea, the environments a winner. It makes finding bugs fun. Its good PR and marketing and it keeps the programmers on their toes!

Posted: Monday 21 May 2012 17:56:34 by Global Administrator

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