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The future of IT support is here!

For many years the way IT support companies operate would be to wait for the customer to call when something breaks and they would then fix it. This method is flawed not only because it causes the customer distress as they can't get on and do what they wanted but it is also unmanageable from a support point of view. Customers would be unproductive and support technicians would find themselves constantly putting out fires while less urgent issues get pushed to the back of the queue.

For Connexion, this has now changed. We now run our service from a support platform that allows us to fix problems centrally and in many occasions, without the user even knowing we have fixed their computer. This means we are able to pre-empt potential problems and issue a fix before they happen.

For example, we recently had an issue whereby Outlook would fail to launch after a Microsoft Update was applied to the computer. The fix required a registry update which would usually take around 5 minutes per computer to implement. The Microsoft update caused problems for a lot of our customers and we were soon inundated with support calls of users who were without email. Rather than have to dial in to each and every computer, we are now able to push an update out to all of our customers computers and within 10 minutes everyone was fixed! Even users that hadn't yet reported a problem were fixed, thus preventing an issue before it even happened. In the past it would have taken hours or maybe even days to fix.

The future of IT support is here. For the customer it means less time lost in productivity and for us it means more time to spend on maintaining your network rather than fixing problems as they happen. Everyone is happy.

Posted: Friday 13 November 2009 16:18:28 by Global Administrator

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