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A common question we get asked about when registering domains for customers is if they should go for a or .com domain.

The easiest answer is to ask yourself if your site is for a UK audience only. If the answer is yes then it is best to go for the Recently the seven millionth .uk domain name was registered showing that demand for these domains is still high. If companies are still buying domain names then it is safe to assume that UK users are still happy to type that into the address bar.

Search engines will take many factors into account when deciding if your site should appear in the search results when searching for UK only websites. The main factors are the domain locality (i.e. or .de) and which country the site is hosted in. Therefore if you are interested in attracting UK only traffic to your site then it would be wise to use a domain and host the site on UK servers.

We find that in the UK, most people will try to type first and then will try .com after that. Therefore it doesn't hurt to register both for your website if both are available. You simply need to specify a primary domain and make sure that the other domain points to your site.

In most cases we recommend to register both but if you must decide between the two, it all comes down to where you want your traffic to come from.

Posted: Monday 29 September 2008 17:01:08 by Global Administrator

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