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IT Support for Care Services

IT Services for the Health and Care sector

Health and Care providers would love to devote all their energy on providing support for physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of their residents. However, the needs for other stake holders such as the Care Quality Commission, Charities Commission, HSA and Local authorities must also be accommodated. A complex mix of information sharing, regulatory guidelines and audits, financial controls must all be taken care of.  New developments in IT technology and cloud services mean that increasingly Health and Care organisations are leveraging their IT to reduce their reliance on paper processes and release time to fulfil their central aim of providing care services.

Caring for people not IT systems

Whilst all Health and Care operations rely on IT for safe keeping of records and the sharing of information, few health care professionals want to be tied up in caring and managing their IT.  Connexion Managed service enables owners and managers to focus more of their time on managing the complex demands of running a busy care without the stress of managing their IT.

Reducing Cost

IT systems cost money. Although the systems are becoming increasingly cheaper to purchase, the costs of managing them are going up. In addition, the costs of a poorly managed system are even greater e.g

  • Cost of poor performance: Downtime for users and care workers
  • Cost of poor functionality: Not taking advantage of enhanced productivity gains and additional cost efficiency saving
  • Cost of enhanced risk: Unsecured data, poor backup and recovery process as well as a lack of systems health checks to ensure business continuity
  • Cost of unplanned capital spending: unplanned IT systems purchases cost significantly more

By managing the causes of systems failure as well as responding to unexpected Connexion managed services reduce overall cost to the business and release more time to focus on care.

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