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Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

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One of the most critical parts of any organisation's Cyber Security is its ‘perimeter protection’. This is where your infrastructure connects to the Internet, usually a firewall.

A firewall in itself doesn’t guarantee that your perimeter is secure, it just provides the tool for protecting it. There are best practices for configuring your Perimeter security; indeed The Cyber Essentials standard defines these best practices to maximise your Perimeter Protection.

The reality is that there are opportunists scanning the internet constantly searching for vulnerabilities in organisations' Perimeter Security which, if found, can be exploited using readily available procedures and software. It is therefore imperative that your Perimeter Security is properly configured.

A Perimeter Vulnerability Scan is essentially the same scan a Hacker will use. It will provide a detailed report on your Perimeter security and will show any Vulnerabilities that exist.

For a complimentary Vulnerability scan and report, please complete the contact form and one of consultants will contact you to make arrangements.

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