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Helping organisations embrace new technology

whilst carefully managing risk and compliance

Industry Sectors

Connexion helps professional service organisations implement and support technology solutions that help them get ahead whilst complying with their regulatory requirements.

Regulatory requirements of the SRA, MHRA, FCA, and CQC present organisations with a unique set of IT challenges. Cybercrime is increasing and becoming more sophisticated, yet there is unstoppable momentum behind mobile working and empowering employees with access to business data wherever they are and whatever device they are using.

Connexion has extensive experience in working with highly regulated industries, including law firms, pharmaceuticals, care providers and financial services.

We are really pleased with Connexion’s advice balancing out our needs for security and flexibility by recommending a secure mobile app for e-mails and improving our remote working with a terminal server with user-friendly two factor authenticationSarah Beamish, Mercers Solicitors


IT services and support that help Financial Service organisations to work smarter and manage their FCA compliance

Care Services

A range of IT services and support designed to help care service providers address challenges such as document management and IT compliance

Law Firms

IT support and IT services for law firms, helping solicitors’ practices maximise the business advantages technology can offer them, whilst minimising their risks around issues such as cyber-crime, breaches of confidentiality, data protection and GDPR, and ensuring compliance with the SRA and Law Society regulations.


IT support and IT services for pharmaceutical companies, helping pharma businesses leverage technology, manage risk and ensure GxP, MHRA and HIPAA compliance.

Financial Conduct Authority

Organisations regulated by the FCA are required to comply with regulations that impact on and relate to information technology, many financial services businesses are also handling sensitive personal data so they are bound by the data protection act to take the necessary technical steps to secure and protect any sensitive personal data.

Business leaders in FCA regulated businesses are responsible for ensuring that appropriate IT systems and controls are maintained and for assessing their technology risks and taking necessary steps to manage and mitigate them. They are also responsible for ensuring that certain electronic communication and records are retained for various stipulated periods.

Connexion’s experience working FCA and other regulated organisations enables us to help organisations through the process of understanding their technology risk and the available solutions not only for mitigating risk but for meeting regulatory requirements and improving productivity.


  • e-mail archiving
  • Online backup and retention
  • Mobile device management
  • Voice recording
  • 2FA managed services
  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • IT managed services

Care Services

The Challenges

Care service providers store sensitive personal information in the form of client records which means that due to the legislation in the UK data protection act 1998, a data breach can result in a hefty fine from the Information commissioner’s office. A monetary penalty notice for a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data breach can be up to €20,000,000.00, so data security is something that Care Service organisations need to take extremely seriously.

The need for Care providers to be able to maintain current policies and procedures which staff access and use presents many challenges including ensuring that staff are accessing the correct versions of policies and procedures, managing the review process and document approval.


Connexion’s experience working CQC and other regulated organisations enables us to help guide organisations through the process of understanding technology risk and the solutions that are available for complying with data security regulations.

Care Service providers need to manage their policies and procedures and ensure their staff have access the latest versions of documents. Connexion can help you to implement a solution to ensure that documents are correctly versioned, easily accessible and the process of managing them streamlined.


  • IT managed services
  • Document management
  • Online backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • e-mail encryption
  • e-mail archiving

This move will enable us to grow the number of branches and satellite offices more easily through the standardised roll-out of IT resources. The adoption of cloud based systems will not only simplify our IT but also enable our key information workers to access and process data more easily and securely

Paula Rousell
Bright Yellow Group