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Mitigate threat mitigation solution

MitigateGCHQ approved Data Security Policies and e-learning

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Statistically 41% of data breaches occur due to human error or a lack of staff security awareness. It is clear therefore that any organisation that wishes to take data security seriously must have a Data Security policy and staff Data Security training. Furthermore this needs to be updated regularly as the nature of threats change.

The Solution

Mitigate is a Web Portal solution for deploying GCHQ approved data protection policies, training and assessment to your staff. This reduces your risk of a Cyber Attack by equipping every individual member of staff with targeted, simple awareness on the following main areas of cyber security concern.

  • Online Security
  • Information Security
  • Remote security
  • Workstation security

End-to-End human risk management

Mitigate works end to end, providing Staff Training, Staff Assessments, Staff Policy signing and ongoing monitoring and management and policy updating. Furthermore it can be tailored to a firm of any industry or any size.

  1. User Registration
  2. E-Learning Training
  3. User Assessments
  4. Cyber Security Policy Signing
  5. Trusted Employee Status

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