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IT Managed Support

Our Managed Service is a complete IT support solution designed to help progressive businesses get ahead. Best in class helpdesk support and proactive maintenance keep your IT secure and performing and our IT business consultants help strategically align IT with the needs of your business.

No empty promises our Managed Service is a monthly fixed fee service with no surprises. Say goodbye to underperforming technology and IT support.

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Connexion know that time is of the essence and they never let us down. Gill Mitchell Henley Festival

Account Manager

Our account managers oversee the delivery of our managed service by ensuring your infrastructure is running smoothly, the highest service levels are maintained and by providing strategic support

Onsite Proactive Maintenance

During our regular site visits our network administrators carry out checks to keep your infrastructure healthy and make sure users are happy and productive

Helpdesk Support

Connexion's helpdesk provides fast expert remote and onsite support. It’s best in class, and we can prove it. No empty promises - we monitor our service and we know we’re hitting industry best targets

Capability Management

Capability management is a continuous process of reviewing your IT strategy against best practices to ensure that it remains aligned with the needs of your business and provides a competitive advantage

Preventative Maintenance

Our permanently manned remote monitoring alerts us to potential problems within the service enabling us to prevent system failure or degradation in performance

System Health Maintenance

We perform an automated health check of your infrastructure weekly to ensure it’s up to date and running optimally. What can’t be checked with automation is health checked during our proactive site visit

Mobile Device Management

Our mobile device management service enables clients to securely grant and manage their staff’s access to company data from either their company or personal device


Account Manager

Our experienced account managers are the backbone of your managed service. Their job is to manage your IT from helping you to develop your IT Strategy and reviewing your service through to co-ordinating your service activity on a weekly basis.

Technology Summary

Account management isn’t just a supporting role it’s a proactive role underpinned by our systematic process for improving your IT. At agreed intervals your Account manager will present your executive summary report which highlights key areas for review which can range from a potential improvement that’s been identified to an area of risk that’s been identified.

Continual Service Improvement

Nipping re-occurring issues in the bud is fundamental to the way we work and our weekly client review meetings are the key to our success doing this. Once a week your account manager and network administrator do a 360 degree review of your account including service activity, monitoring reports and manual health checks and identify things to improve.

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Monthly Proactive Onsite Maintenance

Our network administrators are responsible for technical management of your technology. As well as documenting your IT and maintaining the knowledge base of information that is needed to efficiently manage your IT they are responsible for maintaining your technology in compliance with our security and performance best practices.

Security and Performance

IT data security is more of a process than any one technology. Applying software updates and firmware updates is critical as are consistent operational procedures to ensure that user permissions and accounts are maintained. Your network administrator and our network administration process that take care of this.

Monthly Site Visit

Once a month our network administrator will complete a site visit to complete preventative maintenance checks and to generally ensure that users and IT are working optimally. The site visit forms part of our overall IT service management process and ensures that all software updates are applied, infrastructure firmware is updated, backups are verified and tested, power protections Is tested.

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Connexion understand our business and now see them as a vital commercial partner Claire Stokes
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Helpdesk Support

The connexion helpdesk enables our clients to benefit from a rapid response service that ensures that unexpected IT issues can be resolved quickly. Connexion has invested in developing specific tools and processes to enable to efficient resolution of reported issues.

Connexion’s ability to resolve issues within an agreed SLA is built on a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers with

Keeping you up to date

Our helpdesk dispatchers and our service management process ensure that clients are kept fully up to date on the status of their issue from start to finish.

The best tools

We have invested in the best technology to ensure that we are delivering industry leading levels of service. Our technology enables us to ensure that our team have the technical information needed at their fingertips and the most powerful troubleshooting tools.

Rapid response and resolution guaranteed

We make sure we are maintaining the highest industry standards by measuring helpdesk performance. Our average response time across all incidents is under 1 hour and we close on average 70% of our service tickets on the same day they are logged.

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I am delighted with the IT service that Connexion provided for us over the last 10 yearsGraham Hurst
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Capability Management

At the heart of our Managed Service is IT Capability management process. This is an on-going assessment of IT business fitness. This process compares performance of IT against:

  • Business Requirements
  • Industry Best Practice

Capability Management is focused on:

  • Service improvements required
  • Capital investments and infrastructure refresh
  • Development of new capability
  • Future growth options
  • Business impact of technology decisions
  • Budget planning

Your account manager will meet with you at least twice a year for a capability review and will present a technology summary report as the basis for discussion.

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Preventative Maintenance

All our managed service client’s benefit from our remote monitoring that is permanently manned during normal office hours. This enables us to both capture events as they occur so that issues can be resolved quickly and help identify potential problems within the IT service that might create future system failure or degradation in performance. We monitor the following services and devices:

  • Available Disk Space
  • Disk latency
  • Disk failure
  • Disk errors
  • Internet latency
  • Critical server events
  • Server availability
  • Backup monitoring
  • Anti-virus software update
  • SNMP device monitoring
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Systems Health Maintenance

Once a week all the servers and workstation on the network are checked through an automated process. These review and update:

  • Patch status and upgrade
  • Malware Scan
  • Desktop optimisation – disk clean up, disk defrag
  • Updating documentation

System health reports are generated daily and assigned to your network administrator for review during their monthly site visit. During this regular site visit any changes required are implemented against a check list of best practice to ensure optimum performance is maintained. In addition the network administrator also identifies areas for improvement which are then flagged for discussion later with the appointed virtual CIO (see below).

Adding new best practices to our checks is an on-going process. When we resolve issues on the helpdesk we look for ways we can stop them from re-occurring in the future.

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Connexion is a proactive and dependable IT business partnerRobert Morley
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Mobile Device Management

Every organisation should see and control the mobile devices entering their enterprise, whether they are provided by the company or part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. Our mobile device management (MDM) is the most comprehensive way to make it happen.

With Support for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire our MDM platform offers:

  • Centrally managed mobile devices
  • Proactively secure mobile devices
  • Streamline mobile device management
  • Monitor and report on mobile devices
  • Integrate mobile devices with enterprise systems